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Have you ever wondered how you can connect with loved ones in the spirit world when you aren’t physically close to where their earthly body or ashes lay?

In this episode, we chat about creating special virtual spaces to commemorate our loved ones who have passed, regardless of time or location. This is particularly relevant for anyone whose family or friends passed in another state/country.

I’m keen to hear about the virtual or in-person space you have created to honour your loved ones – please share them with me over on Instagram at @annmarielord_

In this episode we cover:

  • Readings for people who couldn’t make a funeral
  • Spirits don’t spend time in cemeteries
  • Creating a space elsewhere to a cemetery
  • Setting out intentions to connect to loved ones
  • Feeling connections with those that are around
  • Spirits will connect with you
  • Everyone has different signs
  • Being ok with not making funerals
  • Sharing time and space with those who have passed.

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