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Can mediums control how they speak to spirits? Do they hear or see voices? Do mediums see spirits around everyone they know?

Today I answer a number of questions asked about the spirit world to give you some insight into what it is that I do, and how I connect with the spirit world.

In this episode we cover:

  • Cleansing your workspace at the start of a day
  • Seeing “bad” things that might happen to people
  • Getting some guidance from spirit about health checks
  • Choosing when to speak to spirits
  • Having boundaries with the spirit world
  • Rituals which welcome spirit into a session
  • The form messages come in
  • Discovering psychic abilities
  • Heightening your intuition
  • Contacting people when spirits reach out unexpectedly
  • Seeing spirits when with friends
  • Answering a reader question about income and career.

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