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Ep 9: Unlocking the Conscious Connection: Dementia, Love and Hope

While mediums will usually communicate with those who have passed, there is a unique situation where someone still alive will come through on a reading.

People with dementia can often leave their consciousness for periods and travel into the spirit world, creating a possibility for mediums to relay messages to loved ones.

In this episode I share an interesting group reading years ago which caused me to delve into the mystery around connecting spiritually with people who have dementia.

In this episode we cover:

  • Dementia can be read by mediums as the energy comes through similar to those who have passed
  • When people have dementia their consciousness can leave their body for a short period and go traveling in the spirit world
  • This is when mediums can connect with their energy
  • Much like when children who have more abilities to be open to the spirit world, those with dementia are very similar
  • Dementia can be harrowing when family can’t connect in the physical world
  • There is a beauty in having someone’s energy with you for a period, which can bring peace to loved ones to get messages from them
  • An angel card reading.

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