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Episode 6. Daniel’s Story: How Mediumship is a Healing

In this episode of Motivational Medium we talk about mediumship and how I believe it is a healing modality.

Being able to share the stories of loved one’s passing can be a great comfort and peace to those who need to hear it. With permission, I share a special story about a recent reading which touched a family more than 20 years after a young boy died in an accident.

In this episode we cover:

  • How the healing process can continue many years after someone passes.
  • Messages from those who pass can transcend through time and distance.It can be a great privilege to deliver these messages onto family.
  • Messages can bring peace and closure, particularly for those whose family believe may have suffered in some way.
  • Guardian angels collect people who have passed, meaning they do not suffer.
  • Those who have passed will always try to send you messages, and these can come indifferent forms such as songs or symbols.
  • A poem to Daniel, who this episode is dedicated to.

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