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10. The Mind’s Gateway to Happiness: Embracing Gratitude and Positive Thinking

When your eyes open in the morning and your mind starts racing with a massive to-do list and worries, you think we don’t have the ability to change this but you do!

You have the power to change how you think, and you can do this through the Reticular Activating System. The RAS is a collection of neurons in that brain that act as gatekeepers between the sensory system and the subconscious mind.

Today we explore the brain’s amazing abilities and how that can lead you to see more signs your loved ones in spirit.

In this episode we cover:

  • Knowing we have control over what we think
  • Giving away our power can create a degree of fear
  • Blaming unhappy situations on other people
  • Negative thoughts lead you to not making peace
  • Finding things that bring you back into the moment and make you laugh
  • Some simple, quick tips to start changing your thinking
  • Raising your vibrations through gratitude
  • Starting small and continuing the wave of change
  • The wider impact gratitude can have on your family and friends.

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