What sets Annmarie apart from other coaches?

Imagine having a coach who not only sees where you should be, a coach and mentor who can feel when things will work out for you, work in your favour and not be afraid to show you how.
Through Intuition and Coaching Annmarie will guide you into a life you truly deserve and she believes that you should have.

Annmarie has been successfully coaching this program for a number of years now and has assisted many people with their life’s true purpose.

Before you read any further, let’s see what some of Annmarie’s coaching clients have to say after embarking on The Grateful 3 Approach to Mastering Your Mind Coaching and Mentorship program:

I couldn’t recommend Annmarie Lord’s coaching anymore highly. She has helped me achieve amazing results with situations I would have previously stuck my head in the sand about. She helped me gain confidence within my business and gave me clarity on personal issues I’d been carrying around far too long. Her gentle guidance, along with a kick up the bum when required, has been invaluable to me. It’s like sitting down with a friend that just has all the right advice. The best investment I’ve ever made in ME! Thank you, Annmarie you are amazing x,
I have been working with Annmarie over the last few months & have gotten so much out of our sessions. Annmarie is warm, open, and genuine. Making you feel at ease straight away. I feel I have known her for years! Her positive approach to helping you find your superpower is fantastic. I feel motivated & have the belief in myself to achieve my dreams. Annmarie has given me the confidence to act and make those dreams a reality! Highly recommend Annmarie if you are ready to take action but need help in your direction.
Where do I start…. my friend recommended Annmarie to me a long time ago… I procrastinated for a while…. as you do haha…. but I finally started this journey with Annmarie in March 2021, doing The Grateful 3 Approach to Life Coaching, and Mentorship Program. Annmarie really is the most amazing human, and my only regret is that I didn’t start going to her sooner. Annmarie has brought so much clarity into my life. She is open and honest and so easy to talk to. At the end of the day, we are human… there will always be difficulties…but as Annmarie says, “Stop Twerk & Tequila.” Every day is a new day. Sometimes we are all our own worst enemies but if you really stick to what Annmarie teaches you, you will stay on track. So grateful to have you in my life and for everything you do and super proud of you on the launch of your book its awesome xxx

Ann Marie has changed my life! She is kind and caring in her approach and she has a unique ability to “flip” your thoughts and empower you to see new perspectives. Her Grateful 3 Approach To Life Coaching and Mentorship program has been an extremely exciting and motivational challenge for me. We have worked together to make many of my life goals and dreams come to fruition. 

Everything happens for a reason! The journey I have been on with Annmarie has essentially been from shit to shine-

Annmarie came into my world when I was in need. Our worlds collided and thank goodness they did as I have not looked back. Spending quality time with Annmarie completing her Grateful 3 Approach to Life Coaching & Mentorship Program was empowering and rewarding for me, and the positive effects rippled out to my family and friends. What I learned about myself was amazing, I now have my mojo back thanks to Annmarie! I continue to tick boxes that I never thought I would. From changing professions after 30-plus years to a new career, becoming a children’s author at 55 completing a diploma at 56, and inspiring others like myself is all thanks to my gorgeous friend Annmarie and her wonderful program. My glass is now full, (actually overflowing) and I am forever grateful to Annmarie who believed in the possible when I didn’t and made me believe too.

These are just a few of the many testimonies Annmarie has received from her clients.

If you would like to work with Annmarie and embark on a journey of change, book a free 15 min clarity call by completing the form below. Life is for everyone, and fortune favors the bold!

Rules to consider before applying:
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    Annmarie will only bring you on if she feels she can work her best for you.

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    She will only bring you on if she feels ‘you’ can work your best for you.

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    Coaching and change require 100% dedication and commitment from you; you bring the dedication & commitment Annmarie will supply the rest.

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The cost of this life-changing intervention and support include 5 x 1hr face-to-face or via Zoom sessions, and a lifetime of change is $1,222

All ongoing sessions following the initial five consultations will be charged at an hourly rate of $198

Limited spaces are available.

Annmarie is offering one free 15 min, no-obligation clarity call. This is where you and Annmarie will discuss what you expect from coaching and what you would like to achieve. ( This is not a free coaching session or reading session but a clarity call)

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What sets Annmarie apart from other coaches ?

Her Intuition!

She sees where you should be and through coaching gets you there!