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Ep 13: A little message from spirit

What do we do when spirits pop up when we least expect it? When a spirit came through with a strong message for his family while I was sitting down to write my newsletter, it was one I just couldn’t ignore!

In this episode, we chat about adamant spirits and how to embrace them. We also flip the tables to learn a simple exercise to be able to cut the cord from people and situations that do not serve you.

In this episode, we cover:

  • When spirits pop up unexpectedly
  • Embracing spirits and their messages
  • You do have control over many things, but not always when spirits are adamant!
  • The pleasure when messages get to the right person
  • Using meditation to open and close your workday with spirit
  • Cord cutting and how you can use it to serve you
  • Setting yourself free from negative cording
  • A simple exercise to practice cord cutting for people and situations
  • A question from a listener about money and abundance.

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