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  1. Has your child got an imaginary friend?

Do all kids have imaginary friends? Should this be a cause for concern or something to be embraced?

From the spiritual perspective, we look at the joy and comfort an imaginary friend can bring children. We also look at highly sensitive people, who can be more prone to tapping into the spiritual world through heightened senses and intuition.

In this episode we cover:

  • How lots of children have imaginary friends
  • Differing health perspectives on imaginary friends
  • A spooky story about a game of pool
  • Who children might see
  • Uncrowded minds of children
  • Children and the lower veil between the spiritual world
  • The comfort of an imaginary friend
  • Highly sensitive people
  • Managing emotions in sensitive people
  • Protecting energy with various modalities
  • Sharing thoughts on emotions.

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