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Episode 7. Enhance Your Business the Psychic Way

Annmarie delves into the fascinating realm of using psychic abilities and intuitive coaching to achieve remarkable success in business ventures. She shares her specialisation in intuitive coaching and working with business clients, emphasising the importance of identifying and overcoming blocks to success.

This episode centres around a powerful success story of a client who approached Annmarie with a dream to visit her brother in the UK. But with Annmarie’s psychic abilities, she could sense that this was only the tip of the iceberg. She knew her client’s dream was bigger than this!

Through intuitive coaching and tapping into her full potential, the client transformed her dream into a thriving business that impacted not just her life but her entire family’s.

In this episode we cover:

  • Introduction to the power of intuitive coaching in enhancing business.
  • A success story of a client transforming a dream into a prosperous business venture.
  • The importance of believing in one’s dream and taking massive action.
  • Overcoming blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs through intuitive coaching.
  • Nurturing and evolving business ideas, continuously growing towards your dream.
  • The significance of dreaming big and aiming beyond restrictions.
  • Encouragement to persist through failures and setbacks.
  • Emphasising the need to align desires with beliefs to overcome financial blocks.
  • Addressing the fear of success and advocating for reaching for greatness.
  • Tapping into one’s full potential and trusting the intuitive guidance of a coach.
  • Empowering individuals to make conscious choices and take control of their lives.
  • The role of an intuitive coach in unlocking hidden potential and opportunities.
  • Encouraging listeners to pivot and make necessary changes to achieve success.
  • Understanding that successful people embrace failure as part of their growth journey.
  • Final reminder to dream big, push through blocks, and keep going towards success.

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