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  • “The Grateful 3 Approach to Manifestation – Making it Real!”

    This interactive course is designed to help you tap into the incredible power of manifesting abundance and positive change in every aspect of your life. In this fun and easy-to-navigate course, you’ll discover:

  • Mastering Manifestation: Learn the secrets to tapping into universal abundance and manifesting your dreams with confidence.

  • Manifesting Abundance: Transform your health, relationships, finances, business, and career with proven manifestation techniques.

  • Cultivating Self-Assurance: Build unwavering confidence and banish self-doubt to achieve your goals fearlessly.

  • Embracing Excitement: Shift from fear to excitement, from stress to happiness, and manifest a life filled with joy.

  • Overcoming Blocks: Identify and release fear blocks that hinder your progress, allowing you to manifest freely.

  • Gratitude & Manifesting: Develop a simple yet powerful gratitude and manifesting process to elevate your energy and attract abundance effortlessly.

  • Finding Your Why: Discover your purpose, ignite motivation, and embrace newfound self-belief to create lasting change.

  • Releasing Money Blocks: Break free from limiting beliefs about money and recognise your true worth in achieving your dreams.

  • Awakening Intuition: Tap into your innate intuition and enhance decision-making skills for clarity and success in all areas of life.

    Are you ready to unlock your manifesting potential and create a life of abundance and fulfilment? Reserve your spot today for an enlightening journey of self-discovery and empowerment!

  • One Full Day Face To Face Workshop – Venue Northern Suburbs.

    Two Follow-up Group Zoom Sessions to check in and see how you’re manifesting and you can ask any questions you may have.

    Zoom Saturday 3rd August 10am

    Zoom Saturday 24th August 10am

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Now I know what you are thinking I know how to Manifest.
Then why do so many people ‘NOT’ reach their true potential? I’ll show you why!
My friends during this workshop I will teach you how to take back your power, and your confidence, raise your energy and manifest the life you truly want not the one you think you deserve.
One full day face-to-face interactive workshop + Two Zoom Group Sessions This Is an amazing opportunity!

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