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If you’ve ever wondered what angel cards are and how to read them, this episode is for you!

In this interactive episode we’ll work through the use of angel or oracle cards by creating a catalogue of meanings and colours that appear in your deck of cards.

By using intuition and your personal interpretation, you can then begin to read far quicker for yourself or others. I’d love to hear what cards you pull most often and what they mean to you – share with me over on Instagram at @annmarielord_

In this episode we cover:

  • What angel cards are
  • Throw away the book
  • Create your own library of thoughts
  • Tarot cards have their own backstory
  • Angel cards or oracle cards work well
  • Using your own intuition to read the cards for yourself or others
  • You’ll see personalised guidance for your day
  • An activity to work out colours and meanings
  • Creating a catalogue that is personalised to you
  • Being able to read quicker and more intuitively
  • Cards are only guidance tools, not to run your life by
  • Having fun with pulling cards
  • Angel card workshop.

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