sample1During meditations and quiet moments, Annmarie will receive information from Spirits who wish to get their messages across to their loved ones still here on the earths plane. Sometimes it is not possible for Annmarie to relay these messages in person, therefore she has created this area on her web site to post these messages.

Hugs and smiles as always


Tranquil Balance

[title size=”2″]Recent Messages[/title]

13th November 2016 Message from Dad.

Message from a Dad, Chest pain did not pass straight away, however did not get a chance to say goodbye. Made me feel like he was placed on ventilation or in a comma following heart attack.

He said his spirit had left his body and he shows me him standing in the room. Wants to talk about seeing his daughter and the baby and thank you for the name ? or slight variation to his name.

He is ok he didn’t feel any pain and was not afraid, maybe on his own at time of passing.

Makes me feel like he was around 50.He also mentions the motor bike don’t think this was his but could have something to do with his daughter.

He also gave the initial “C”

November 2016 Young boy. Came in a dream.

This boy showed me he was around 13yrs, maybe now or at the time of his passing.

He shows me he had very short Fair hair maybe even blond but it was very short.

He also says he had an exacerbation of his illness this is what took him over, what i mean by this is if he had asthma or epilepsy then he would have had an attack.

He also gave me two initials connected to him “J” & “C” He wanted to contact his mum to let her know he was with Dad, if this was not his dad then it was the mums.

He also wanted to mention “the dog” or “his dog” think he is freaking the dog out, he gave me a cheeky smile ha, He wanted everyone to know he is ok.

Just before he goes he mentioned a name i could not get but sounded like it began with a “D”.


The messages posted on here are done at an earlier date therefore please do not contact Annmarie for further information on one of the above readings.

Messages posted on this page are intended as guidance only and not intended to offend or harm anyone.