Abundance Mindset Seminars with Annmarie Lord.

This incredibly popular course is run a handful of times throughout the year in Perth by Annmarie Lord and always proves to be a sell-out event, with a demand for A follow-up course coming In October ” Mindset Mastery”
Spots are strictly limited so please secure your space early to avoid disappointment!

Annmarie is a student of the Inspired Spiritual Coaching Academy in Queensland, Australia and an intuitive Spiritual Coach and Mentor.  She works with her private coaching clients Enabling, Empowering and Liberating them to be the best they can be, with no limitations.
If you are a spiritual practitioner, business entrepreneur or a ‘regular’ person (attend this course and discover there’s no such thing!) looking for inspiration to change your life and live an abundant life – then this is the course for you.
The Abundance Mindset Seminar will enable you to discover what is meant by Law of Attraction, Mindfulness, Mindset and so much more. Discover how can you live a spiritual life and still have wealth, guilt-free.
Just some of the topics you can expect from this amazing day:
  • A deeper understanding of “The Law of Attraction”.
  • How to create a “Positive Mindset”.
  • How to manifest your dreams.
  • How to create memorable and powerful affirmations.
  • Discover what your abundance blocks are – and more importantly, how to knock them down.
  • What is meant by “Inspired Action” and how to implement it into your daily life.
  • How to create amazing Anchors to Success.
  • What is a vision board and how you can manifest your dreams by making one.
  • How to re-frame your thoughts for success and much more……….
As this course is new to my events timetable, the cost is an incredibly low $99 so as to reach as many people as possible. I’m very passionate about bringing Abundance Mindset knowledge to all and don’t believe it should only be attainable by those with big budgets! However, this $99 investment will most certainly get you on your way to full purses and full hearts! The only question remaining is… how much do you want it?
Seminar Dates:
Friday 2nd February 2018 – SOLD OUT
Sunday 11th March 2018 – SOLD OUT
Sunday 10th June 2018 – SOLD OUT
Sunday 26th August 2018 – LIMITED SPOTS REMAINING
Sunday 21st October 2018


To book the course please go to the link below.

All Seminars will be held in Joondalup.